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Archies world – Sammi

Archie’s world – sammi Hi, my name is Archie my family is going to the beach today. The drive is very long so I bring a movie I can watch on my computer. When we get there, I run out… Continue Reading →

Raw Sheep – Anna

It was a cloudy day, and a little boy, Peter, was standing in front of a gloomy, crooked house. Peter was a good boy, but like most good boys, he wasn’t ALL good. Actually, he was very far from it…. Continue Reading →

COW DIARIES – Elizabeth

Day 1: hello, I is cow. I is not really having a name because my farmer is just calling me cow, so cow is my name. You is probably wandering why I is calling this day, day 1 because i… Continue Reading →

Troll diaries – Sammi l

Troll diaries – Sammi Hello, my name is troll1 I live in a cave I love children they are scrumptious. I use salt and pepper to flavor them. OK enough of the food my favorite thing to do is torture children I put… Continue Reading →

The Banana Who Wanted To Be Eaten – Ari S

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Banana who lived in a castle. She was not normal, well, because she wanted to be eaten. She had five sisters, all bananas and her parents were bananas too. However, every… Continue Reading →

A pig’s magic life – Olivia

A pig’s magic life Once there was a lonely pig who lived on a lonely farm. One day a little fairy came up to him and said” I can send you to magic pig school, but you have to give… Continue Reading →

Dear Sammi – By Emily

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Emily. She was always one step under her big sister, Mia. Mia was the best at everything-sport art and lessons. Mia was also very popular at school and was very unkind… Continue Reading →

Paper Publishing-Emily

I need to publish my paper, I think I’m going to puke, but nobody knows what I’m thinking, cos we’re playing Purple Duke*.   I’m writing this down in invisible pen, So nobody can see, But they wouldn’t anyway, cos… Continue Reading →

Camp DLJ – Ari JB

      DRUMMING   Drumming was really cool  the teacher was named Mohamad. He tort us how to play the African drums I think he tort in way  that it looks hard but it isn’t. He just asked us… Continue Reading →

BIKE ED – Felix

Bike Ed On Thursday the 17th, we had our very first Bike Ed lesson; we learned how to scan an area for hazards such as, Cars, pedestrians, and fellow riders. We also learnt how to emergency break (one of the… Continue Reading →

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