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Harp seals by Samantha. L

Harp seal by Samantha. L DIET When harp seals are pups, they eat krill and crustationd. As they get older, they eat several dozen species of bony fish and invertebrates. As they grow their diet broadens. BEHAVIOR Both males and… Continue Reading →

Last chapter – Witches – Amelie A

The last chapter of the witches! What I think is going to happen in the last chapter of the witches! I think that the little boy thinks there is no more grand high witch but grandma told him they have… Continue Reading →

The odd women (witches last chapter) – Sammi

The odd woman Back in the house, grandma and I were eating dinner and they saw a lady I couldn’t see very wall myself but grandma saw well it looked like witch gloves big nostrils and blue spit she was… Continue Reading →

Paper Publishing-Emily

   I need to publish my paper, I think I’m going to puke, but nobody knows what I’m thinking, cos we’re playing Purple Duke*. I’m writing this down in invisible pen, So nobody can see, But they wouldn’t anyway, cos… Continue Reading →

my poem by LACHIE M

GEORGE     Cheeky Naughty freak cat Funny dopy kitten Nice angry sweet love happy annoying Cute George   my poem is called George and it is a sinquan. it has beat

👩Mel, the coolest teacher ever! by Emily

My teacher Mel is the coolest teacher ever! She plays fun games with us, makes our work FUN and reads us Harry Potter! I love having her as a teacher! Mel is the best! by Emily❤🌈😊

The witches made up chapter – Mia

The witches At home When we got home from England, I was so excited that we lived in Norway yay. My grandma told me how long I had to live and it was for 15 years, which is longer than… Continue Reading →

ICT with Sharon

Ict with Sharon was awesome we got to use PowerPoint we needed to copy famous landmarks and copy a animal some were in the photo I loved it do much. My favourite one I did was with the svinces with… Continue Reading →

I.C.T. – Anna

On Thursday, the grade 4s had bike Ed, so the grade 3s got to do fun ICT with Sharon. We did a thing where we had to find a picture of a famous landmark, paste & copy it on to… Continue Reading →


ICT Sharon Hi, We did Ict it is the best!!! Sharon told us what to do and then we did it. Is what we had to do is copy and paste pitchers on to PowerPoint. Something I learnt was two… Continue Reading →

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