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Paper Publishing-Emily

I need to publish my paper, I think I’m going to puke, but nobody knows what I’m thinking, cos we’re playing Purple Duke*.   I’m writing this down in invisible pen, So nobody can see, But they wouldn’t anyway, cos… Continue Reading →

Camp DLJ – Ari JB

      DRUMMING   Drumming was really cool  the teacher was named Mohamad. He tort us how to play the African drums I think he tort in way  that it looks hard but it isn’t. He just asked us… Continue Reading →

BIKE ED – Felix

Bike Ed On Thursday the 17th, we had our very first Bike Ed lesson; we learned how to scan an area for hazards such as, Cars, pedestrians, and fellow riders. We also learnt how to emergency break (one of the… Continue Reading →

Linu’s Bike Ed Post

What I found challenging: Yesterday in bike, Ed my challenging thing is to lift my feet up from the ground and to keep my head up. In addition, I could not keep my balance.   What is my goal: My… Continue Reading →

Swimming – Salwa Dardouri

On the way: I always sit next to deblina. We play games on the way. We sometimes sing songs.   Strokes: dolphin dive, torpedo, survival backstroke, backstroke, Freestyle, flips, dives.   Our teacher: our teachers name is Joan. He is… Continue Reading →

Poetry – Zach

! MEOW! Iiiiiii have a pink coconut and a big fat red cherry Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love those fruits they are so yummy in my tummy!!! Howeeeeeeeevveeeerrrr, I have others like a red pineapple a green milkshake aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddd aaaaaaa white cold yummy… Continue Reading →

Bike Ed – Leo H

Bike ED 🚴 What was challenging- breaking right at the cone when we were doing emergency braking Bike ED- turning sharper so in case there is a sharp turn when I am riding I can easily make the turn

ICT WORK! – Salwa. D

ICT work! What we did on the day: We had to find a famous landmark and copy and paste it in to power point. Then we had to choose an animal and cut around it. Then we had to make… Continue Reading →

Bike Ed – Henry

What did I find challenging? To come to a full stop then have to start again because I always had to get back into power position, which was harder than I thought. What is a Bike Ed goal I have?… Continue Reading →

ICT with Sharon

♥ICT with Sharon and Barb♥ At ICT we were finding famous places off the internet (except for airs rock because it was been rude for cultural reasons) and put them on power point. We did it with at least five… Continue Reading →

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